1971 Mercedes Benz 280SL

This unbelievable original 1971 280SL has only 14k documented miles since delivered on October 19,1970 to the original owner. It was never driven in inclement weather, nor did it spend a night outside. In June of 1983, he sold it to a well-known Mercedes Benz collector in Rancho Santa Fe California. At that time it had only 13k miles. He kept it in his collection for almost 20 years and only put a few miles on it for service and upkeep. In January of 2003, he sold it to another well known Mercedes Benz collector in Alexandria Virginia, who kept it for almost 4 years and only put about 300 miles on it until we purchased it. This 280SL has all its original books, tool kit, as well the 4 original Continental white wall tires with 13k miles that it was delivered with new. Never smoked in with unused ashtray and lighter. It also has the original snowflake decal on the windshield and the original Brown German canvas soft top in excellent condition. It has never had any collision damage or rust issues. All sheet metal panels are original with correct spot welds and front fender hash marks. The DB 423 Tobacco Brown paint looks stunning; But on close inspection you will find some hairline cracks on some body panels. According to the original owner, Mercedes dealers used to apply a protective Teflon-like coating to the cars and his theory is that this substance may have reacted with the paint over the years. It is not visible in a photograph and not taking anything away from the cars presence, but I do feel itís necessary to mention this fact. All the chrome trim on this car is original and close to flawless. The pristine original DB 139 Bamboo interior has no sags in the seat pads or wrinkles or wear showing; the wood dash trim and carpets are in excellent condition. Recently, it had 4 new Michelin tires installed as well as a complete new exhaust system, new dash heater levels, new brake rotors and calipers, pads and master cylinder. We have just replaced the motor mounts, subframe mounts, transmission mount, and rear axle mount, as well as a new Mercedes Benz battery and new bilstein rear shocks, shifter bushings, major service etc. All typical things that super low mileage cars need due to age, not mileage. I purchased my first 113 SL 34 years ago, a 1967 230SL which I then restored and enjoyed. Since then, I have owned and restored hundreds of 113 SLís, and other vintage Mercedes Benz and have won hundreds of concours awards all over the country. I also have owned a number of super low mileage Mercedes Benzís, and I feel that this is one of the top ten I have seen in the last 20 years. It is not just a Hanger Queen, but a car we have sorted out to be a great driver as well. It was my original intent to keep this car and enjoy it in my semi-retirement, but since I also just finished two 1969 280 SLís with 3.5 V-8 drivetrains and have quite a few other collectible cars, I have reluctantly decided to offer this car for sale. Not inexpensive, but far below the cost to correctly restore any 113 SL in todays market.

Jim/Bob Hatch