Hatch & Sons - 220S/220SE Pontoon Coupe
220S/220SE Pontoon Coupe
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220S/220SE Pontoon Coupe & Cabriolet Parts

  • Two Re-chromed rocker moldings
  • One Re-chromed rear wheel molding
  • Three original other wheel moldings
  • Two front fender moldings
  • Two door moldings
  • Two small rear quarter moldings
  • Four rat-tail moldings
  • One new headlight assembly
  • Two new headlight bezels
  • Two new euro glass headlight lenses
  • One used headlight bezel
  • One used outside mirror
  • One used outside mirror stalk (pitted)
  • One used shift lever with white knob
  • One used turn signal with white knob
  • Two re-chromed top fender spear light moldings with clear lenses
  • Three used top fender spear light moldings gaskets
  • Five amber top fender spear light moldings lenses
  • Two good used taillights
  • Two used taillights with cracked lenses (better chrome)
  • Two fog lights
  • Two original horns
  • Six rear reflectors
  • Two new extra red lenses
  • Two fog light extra glass lenses
  • Two window crank handles
  • Two door handles
  • Four chrome heater levers and two bezels
  • Four interior chrome moldings

Miscellaneous New Mechanical Parts

  • One coil, one regulator, and one starter solenoid
  • Twelve valves (6 Intake, 6 Exhaust)
  • Rear axle split boot
  • Three motor mounts
  • Distributor cap and rotor
  • Water pump
  • Clutch and brake pedal pads
  • Head gasket
  • Two Bilstein rear shocks
  • Two oil filters
  • One fuel filter
  • Three valve cover spin nuts (used)
  • Ten window rollers? (new and used)


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